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Murals by Patricia C Vener

doorway to paradise part of my mural at Bread and Chocolate in Hamden, CT.  2011, Patricia C Vener

Murals are an amazing way to decorate your home or business space. Amazing because they can be grand or subtle, suitable for a formal room, an office or a child's room ar a restaurant. My first public mural is in Hamden CT restaurant, Bread and Chocolate. The mural is actually a combination piece comprised of two related images making the wall seem to have both a doorway and a window looking out into a scene from the coffee growing region of Columbia. Here are a pair of snapshots of the two parts of the mural I created for Bread and Chocolate. I can't wait until I can get lights and a good camera to get a full frame photo that includes the whole wall at once.

I will be writing about the process in my blog. Photos of the work during its progression will be posted there first and later here and on my Facebook Page (link in footer).

Murals are an amazing way to adorn your environment. They have two other benefits besides their beauty: they will not harm the wall and they won't fall off. Now is a great time to consider having at least one mural painted. At the present I am limiting my mural painting expeditions to locations in Connecticut. Contact me to find out more about murals and whether having a mural painted is a viable option for your space. Consultations are free!

window overlooking garden and coffee fields part of my mural at Bread and Chocolate in Hamden, CT.  2011, Patricia C Vener