March 1st, 2019

My first Purim card is an abstraction of a seated woman. The story of Purim is one of very few featuring women in lead roles; from Vashti, (who refused to debase herself for her husband’s whims), to Esther, (who after some convincing), takes a life threatening risk. Purim is, however, at once a particularly jocular holiday and one with serious lessons.

Purim for 2019 begins at sunset March 20th. Jewish days end and begin at sunset so our holidays do the same. You can either click on the image to get to that card or click my store at Greeting Card Universe to visit my store.

Enjoy your hamantaschen!

13 Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards to Buy Online

February 7th, 2019

It’s February! Here 12 terrific Valentine’s Day greeting cards to buy online from Greeting Card Universe.
This first card, by Audry Ascenzo, features a beautifully illustrated birthday cake whimsically decorated with hearts, and flowers.

This card is one of mine. It is a vignette landscape on an opened fan, pen and ink over a watercolor wash. The inside greeting says, “from your number 1 fan!”

Third in the series is a traditional floral Valentine, a sweet bouquet with its greeting front and center. The artist is Joy Ellaga who has designed the card to be fully customizable inside and on the cover!

This next card is both beautiful and uses the unusual design concept of overlaying the painting of a huge peony overlaid on an enlatgement of the same flower. The greeting overlays that. And it works so well! The artist is Trudy Wilkerson.

This is another one of my cards. The pen and ink heart inspired zentangle-like design looks to me like an ice cream cone.

Here go a bit modern (maybe even a bit mid-century modern) with cheery pink hearts and white font on a perfect black background. The artist is again, Trudy Wilkerson.

Herre is a wonderful card for your son! Happy bird tweets tiny hearts while resting on the electric line (or maybe it’s an old fashioned telegraph line?). I love the font artist Corrie Kuipers chose, don’t you?

Artist Stephie McCarthy chooses a different perspective with her detailed painting of an old country truck with a heart painted on its door and flowers in its bed.

The artist is Cherie and the card is an abstraction of a Valentine on a brightly hued background in colors you don’t often see in a Valentine’s Day card. I love how the oranges and lime greens just pop out at you!

But why not totally abstract? ThAt’s what Itaya Lightbourne does with this classic abstract painting in brilliant red (with touches of golden yellow and greyish black.

Digital Art by Monica Palermo insists Valentine’s Day greetings can be made using blue, and she is very convincing.

diana Ting Delosh takes us back to figurative art with this colorful greeting card featuring a pair of peacocks. It’s stunning!

Last is another of my own cards, this is one of my cards focusing people with dementia. Please don’t forget about your loved one who has dementia. A card is sure to gain you at least a smile.

Special Valentines are for Special Sisters

January 17th, 2019

The original work of art (without the lettering) is called “Positive Space.” But this card that I designed is a “Special Valentine for a Special Sister.” Some of you might ask if all sisters aren’t special? I would hope so, but of course they aren’t. When you do have a sister who is above the average of sisterly-ness, it’s worth taking note of!

This is one of my favorites out of all the more than 100 vignettes in this series of hand drawn over watercolour artwork. I love how the immense intricacy balances with the unadorned space that emerges as a traditional loving heart shape. It takes time to do all that drawing and if I had made a mistake – it would have been all over. No mistakes, the work came out exactly as I intended. This piece is special! (Hopefully like your sister, certainly like mine.)

This card and others are in my shop at Greeting Card Universe. Please take a look (GCU offers free shipping for 10 or more cards or free pickup at Target Photo).

Not a Snow Post

January 3rd, 2019

photo of long shadows of trees on a sunny winter day

Looking out at Winter’s long shadows

This is what it does not look like outside my window. So far we’ve had two snowfalls that both melted away pretty quickly. I just felt like sharing the image of a traditional Winter scene; since it is Winter.

"Love Grows" ©2013, Patricia C Vener is a watercolor and ink vignette drawing

“Love Grows” ©2013, Patricia C Vener

This pen and ink over watercolour is part of a series within a series. The umbrella series name is “Stream of Consciousness.” This sub-series is “It’s All About the Heart” but that’s kind of a long name so on the computer its folder name is “Valentines.” I created these a few years ago as part of a self directed challenge to create 100 vignettes before the end of that year’s Summer. I succeeded! Now I am beginning to use the individual works as licensed art, mainly Greeting Cards. This particular image is about to be used for another Valentine’s Day card there. It should be up and available some time next week. So far I have seven Valentine cards up, two for Chanukah and one sympathy card. Making greeting cards is fun!

You can watch my collection of greeting cards grow at my store at Greeting Card Universe. If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope you find my cards are just what you are looking for.

Thank you for supporting the arts and living artists!

5 Favorite Cards For Thanksgiving and National Family Caregivers Month

November 13th, 2018

Here are five wonderful greeting cards you can find at Greeting Card Universe. Click on the links to view individual cards and learn more. As much as I love showing off my own work, I think it’s also good to show off the work of other artists I admire.

This first card is by Ramelle Richardson whose cards make use of her own original paintings.

I love the very bold colors of this leafy card by Ron Magnes, a professional illustrator with over 30 years of experience.

A welcome vision of calm for Family Caregivers by Denise Trocio.

Another card for Thanksgiving, all about the elegance of calligraphy is by Teri Nelson Kuster, who aims to spread joy with greeting cards.

I’ll end with one of my own cards for National Family Caregivers Month. It features a list of tasks the card giver can volunteer for (or the recipient can request!).

Rain in November

November 6th, 2018

Pen and ink on watercolors of rain drops hitting a puddle, fine art by Patricia C Vener

“A Little Rain” © Patricia C Vener

Today is voting day in the USA. The weather is cool but not cold, though the drizzling rain makes it seem a lot colder. It’s also so dark at midday that I have the lights on! All in all, this should be a very dreary and depressing day. And although I am one of those affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) I am not at all depressed!

Is it my lovely piece of artwork at the top of this post? Is it the gorgeous red of my Autumn colored Japanese Maple outside my window? Is it the CBD oil I took this morning? Is it the fact that I voted already? Or maybe the Cuban espresso I made after I got back? I have no idea, but I’m feeling as if, with patience I can accomplish anything.

What a great feeling! I wish I could bottle this and give it away. The best I can do is offer this blog post with its pretty picture and a virtual smile or hug (as you prefer) to you.

Red Sand on My Easel

October 2nd, 2018

Adding the bead base for the next stage.

Adding the bead base for the next stage.

After adding some glazing to the sand side of the painting I decided the best way to get the look I want is to lay down a “ground” that will capture the various strands of netting. If I was doing a free standing net piece I would be adding these decorative swirls, increasing the size of the piece as I go along. In deciding to fix the netting to my the canvas, the size of the work is laid out before I begin the netting weave.

It’s taking a while to do. I broke my needle and the new one I’m using now, keeps poking into me. Ouch! Also, despite the free form style, I am careful about where I place the little circlets. Not too far or too near each other. But I’m also excited to see where and how this piece (as a whole work) progresses.

There’s the verdant side to think of as well.

Learning on a Curve?

September 25th, 2018

Hoops and Loops earrings with red Czech Cathedral Beads

Recently, I attended an Eastern Star event as one of the vendors. I haven’t done a table or both event for quite a number of years due to caregiving responsibilities. Thankfully, I was sharing a table so didn’t have to be there alone. I limited my works to earrings and brought three different lines at three different price points. The most expensive were one of a kind dangle earrings that are the most ornate and they are priced at $35.00. I also brought some of my Improv earrings ($24.00). These are one of a kind as well, but in some cases, if asked, I can make multiples (when I have sufficient beads of the same type).

Finally, I had my newest line, Hoops and Loops, one pair of which you can see at the top of this post. These are all sterling or Argentium sterling silver hoops of varying diameter each withe a bead either directly threaded on or dangling by way of a smaller loop of silver. The bottom half of these earrings are hammered so as to have a bit of texture.

I want to start making some of the 3D sculptural looped wire as I shared with you in Metal in Massachusetts: Wire at Snow Farm. These would be rather daring, I think. Although I suppose I don’t have to make them all large.

On the announcement side of things, I’ve linked my Artwork Archive public inventory to my website on the Bead Weaving page. I’m planning to very soon break this up and link by collections of my work rather than everything all at once. Please take a look at Bead Weaving. Feel free to as about commissioning custom work!

And She’s Off!

September 4th, 2018

It pays to rehearse the set. Photo of a display arrangement for a small space.

Testing a display for a small space.

I’ve been invited to offer for sale my latest series, hand made silver wire loop earrings. I will have a small space on another artist’s table. The event is two days long in the middle of September. I am planning ahead! I’ve got three different earring collections, my Improv earrings, these new hoop and loop earrings (some are visible in the photo at the top), and my elegant dangle earrings which include not only some rare beads, but a bit of wire wrap using Bali silver findings and beads. three different price points, too.

I posted a photo of the loop earrings on facebook and already sold a pair from there.

What I am most pleased about, however, is that I have actually planned out all my tasks in advance and scheduled them on my calendar. I feel a great sense of relief when I am in control of things. Don’t you? You know, ’cause there’s no reason to panic.

Anyway, as I have more explicit information, (time and location), I’ll be letting everyone know! I appreciate your support.

Two Terrains Up On the Big Easel

August 28th, 2018

Painting in Progress in my studio

Yes, it’s a landscape but originally from a satellite’s perspective. Looks a lot like an Abstract, doesn’t it? Well, maybe an Abstraction? In any case what we see is a verdant region of pools of water connected to one another, and to the huge river down the center, by undulating streams. While on the other side a desert. Nothing flows in or out so the river neither feeds nor removes water from that arid region.

Given the nature of humanity’s influence on our climate and environment, what is the future of these places? For now, they inspire this work of art which is presently waiting for me to start the bead weaving layers.

I’d love to hear what you think about this work in progress. Please comment below and make me happy.