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Handmade Fine Art Bead Weaving by Patricia C Vener

Fine Art to Wear, Bead Weaving by award winning artist Patricia C Vener

Thank you for the lovely earrings! They are beautiful! You had many nice touches with the earrings - a handwritten packing note, a lovely pink gift bag, wrapped in tissue and then lots of bubble wrap. It all said you are professional!
I am wearing them right now!
With thanks,
Patricia Coulter

I invite you view my pieces in my Artwork Archive portfolio below or scroll down to the links to pages on my site.

The links below will take you to the pages of specific styles and collections of my bead weaving art.

hand made fine art necklace, Autumn Goddess © Patricia C Vener

Necklaces & Neckpieces

hand made fine art necklace, Balance of Chaos and Harmony © Patricia C Vener

Spiral Rope Necklaces

hand made fine art earrings, Grape ©Patricia C Vener

Handmade Fine Art Earrings

hand made fine art earrings, Improv Line ©Patricia C Vener

Improv Earrings