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Spiral Rope Bead Weaving by Patricia C Vener

All of these works come wrapped in silk and nestled in silver satin gift bags. Certificate of Authenticity with care instructions are included.

Overnight Success

Overnight Success is a colorful bead woven necklace with a romantic story

At the Bird Nest Gallery and Salon, 300.00

Party Time

Party Time bead woven necklace dances while you wear it


Citrine Starlet

Bead woven Citrine Starlet captures the center of attention


Malachite Marvel

Malachite Marvel pays homage to the Art Deco flair of the 1920s

At the Bird Nest Gallery and Salon, 250.00


Dryad is a winsome name for a sturdy bead woven necklace celebrating nature's greens

At the Bird Nest Gallery and Salon, 180.00


Flamenco, tubular bead weaving in cranberry and white