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Garden Parties, Graduation, Special Occasions in Spring and Summer

June 2015 saw my mother's 90th birthday. I gave her a party that was a cross between a tea buffet and a garden party. (Yes, I do have a garden.)

Included in my planning, besides the obvious, was also what we would be wearing. Dresses, hats, (which given the raininess we actually did not wear), her dress (red with large flowers at the hemline) and my sari (red and yellow cotton 8 yards), footwear. And jewelry. Jewelry is one of the most important aspects of personal adornment. People may not always notice your shoes, but they will notice your jewelry. Or they should! Jewelry has always been paramount as self expression.

Your Spring or Summer events may be formal or casual, tranquil or action packed, (in which case you should probably leave the jewelry off and wait til dinner to put it back on), but at some point you will want to show off your unique flavor of personality. The pieces you find here are all unique and expressive of ndividuality. You choose what speaks to you. If you have a special request, visit my Commissions page for information about choosing me to create your next treasure.