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The Balance of Chaos and Harmony Patricia C Vener

bead woven necklace statement in black white green and orange  Patricia C Vener

I love a good challenge especially when they result in a work of art as stunning as "The Balance of Chaos and Harmony." In this case the challenge entrants were issued a selection of various beads and a lampwork bead and instructions to create whatever we wanted. I received a beautiful flower by lamp work artist Brea Moser. My first thought directed the whole piece; a flower caught in a spiderweb. The spiderweb is made using free form bead netting which, despite its apparent delicacy, holds the glass flower completely securely. The feel of the piece is a balanced look from the two vintage shoe clips on either side. They share a fan shape but they are not the same design. This is a work that catches interest as well as being gorgeous. Price: $627.00 USD