Why Not Red?

"Dancing Heart" digital art © 2012, Patricia C Vener

“Dancing Heart” digital art © 2012, Patricia C Vener

Red is the color of life, of love, of intense emotion. It stands out in fiery brilliance and makes us stop and look and maybe pay attention. It is my favorite color and has been all my life. I am in constant danger of buying more red beads and paints as if I might run out. Red comes in a delicious variety of hues leaning blue-ward or yellow-ward. It is the complement of green and mixed together red and green light make invisible white light. (Red and green paint, on the other hand make mud.)

Different cultures and societies have assigned different meanings to this color – thus proving that color psychology is cultural (nurture) rather than instinctive (nature), but very few of us humans assign it no importance at all.

What do you feel when you see red? I want to know. I will respond to all comments.

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