Waterfall, First and Final Process Pictures

"Waterfall" first and last sessions ©Patricia C Vener, 2018 Beads and Acrylics mixed media

“Waterfall” first and last sessions ¬©Patricia C Vener, 2018

What you see at the top of this post is the evolution of the first painting in my new series that combines paints and beads. The drapery of bead fringes is not embellishment but rather as much an integral part of the painting as any of the paints that were applied by knife or brush.

I started with a quick sketch and some underpainting. Everything was built up in layers and changes of lighting to get the late evening high contrast effect that I envisioned. I was tempted to add more detail but as soon as I did that, the painting lost its focus. Thank heavens this wasn’t watercolor! Acrylics and oils can be painted over. Watercolour, not so much.

While the use of non-paint materials is not new to the art world, my innovation seeks to include bead weaving on equal footing in the same vein as the ballet scene in the play, “Oklahoma,” was not an embellishment but rather a scene that moved the story forward as all the others of the play’s acted scenes. To this end, the beads that make up the waterfall are overlain as the topmost layer of the painting, hiding almost all of the paint underneath.

I kept a snapshot log of this painting’s progress and plan to make a slideshow/video of the whole process from start to finish. Four other paintings are in the queue now, and I plan to do the same for each of them. I envision an exhibit of the paintings with the videos of each playing on the side to demonstrate the creative process going into each one of them.

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