Viva Los 33 Mineros De Chile

What an amazing feat, this rescue of the 33 miners trapped in the San Jose mine in the driest desert in the world, the Atacama. It is breathtaking the way so many people came together to rescue these men. Let’s also not forget the very brave paramedics and other rescuers who went down into the mine to help these remarkable men return to the surface.

As I write there are four miners remaining who have not seen family nor sunsets since the 5th of August. The world should celebrate this event as it is more world-shaking than any war because it is a positive event. It shows us how much of a miracle we can make when we cooperate with each other.

As well, a lesson needs to be learned that people who work in these kinds of dangerous professions need to be shown the respect of having safe working conditions with all safety precautions possible taken.

Saludos a todo del mundo especialmente los mineros de Chile

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