Up the Computer

Late this past August I bought some new memory for my computer. Easy to install, you just pop it in, star up the computer and… nothing. H’m, that can’t be right. And it wasn’t. After too many attempts to get help from Dell and Crucial I ended up consulting with a friend who is very “hardware savvy.” We finally decided it must be the motherboard. I caouldn’t get one from Dell however, so I bought one from CompuPlus online. It came, we tried to install it. Oops. The case was ever so slightly too small. Apparently the motherboard from Dell was a mini. I bought a new case. Wow, it’s a lot lighter than the Dell case! Installed the motherboard and all the internals.

Still wouldn’t come up. Aha. Not the motherboard. CPU. I bought a new CPU. Lovely. It arrived. We installed everything. The computer hummed quietly, something was happening.

Win98??? What?

Argh. Tried changing the order of the drives. Nope. Tried… oh a lot of things. Finally got both drives seen at the same time and XP loaded. Only, it was limping and giving error messages like a crotchety A.K. (Email me if you want to know what “AK” means.) We reinstalled XP. Then it sort of worked. But it didn’t see my scanner! Yikes! I need that! So we then uploaded and installed a whole bunch of Micro$oft security and critical updates. And some driver. And then…

Yes! I’m alive!

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