Tired of Valentine’s Day Already?

100 Vignettes by Labor Day, Positive Space by Patricia C Vener

“Positive Space” © 2013, Patricia C Vener

The new year is only two weeks old but I have started seeing hints of Valentine’s Day already. Some stores waste no time taking down their December holiday decorations and putting up the red and pink hearts and glitter of a holiday that’s a month away.

If folks really were inured to the advertising this ploy wouldn’t work, but I suspect many people find the short cold days of Winter to be more dreary than beautiful and the bright colors and promise of chocolates raises their hopes for an early Spring. Also, it is a well known truism that the more people see a company’s name and product the more likely they will make their purchase from the company rather than from a competitor.

This is the first in a series of posts relating to this holiday that, like Hallowe’en, has lost most (if not nearly all) of its religious connotations in exchange for a festival with secular meaning and so transformed becomes a national celebration. I hope you will join me as I explore some of the art related facets of this February festival.

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