Time for Prom Essentials

Your daughter is not obsessing; it really is time to start thinking about the Prom, especially if she wants to present her own sense of style and not just getting stuck with others’ leftovers. At the top of the list of things to think about (besides who is going with whom) are the dress and the jewelry. Even off the rack, a Prom gown is likely to be the greatest expense of the whole affair. If she start looking now, your daughter is more likely to find the color and style of her dreams. It’s also not too soon to start thinking about her jewelry. Simple or elaborate, contrast the dress or complement it, now is the time to start weighing those options.

The most flexibility in this comes when you have the jewelry made on commission, but it is possible to find already made works of art that will make the statement she wants to project to the world (or at least everyone else at the Prom).

Three tiered overlapping loop bead woven necklace
Three tiered overlapping loop bead woven necklace

The necklace above, at my ArtFire studio, in colrs of silver-white, gold and iridescent red would be perfect with an off the shoulder gown with not too much of its own decoration on top.

pink pearl wire wrapped dangle earrings
Elegant wire wrapped dangle earrings

On the other hand, an already ornately decorated gown needs nothing more than a pair of elegant earrings to complete The Look. These one of a kind earrings are in my Etsy shop.

Commissioned Wedding Gift bead woven necklace
Commissioned Works

Or visit my web site to have a set or a single piece made just for you and the gown being worn. The necklace above, Barnegat Light, was commissioned as a wedding gift for the new bride. On that page are some other examples and, if you have a vintage or antique you’d like transformed that is also one of my specialties. You can read more about this on my Transform page.

11 Responses to “Time for Prom Essentials”

  1. Marsha Says:

    It IS time. I just got my Mestads Prom Catalog in the mail! And I agree. Nothing is nicer than jewelry designed specifically to work with a special gown!

  2. Megan Says:

    Beautiful ideas for prom!!

  3. Patricia C Says:

    Thanks Megan and Marsha. It’s nice to dream of beauty no matter what the season.

  4. Jennie Hennesay Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. With no close family still in school, I often forget about special dates like prom.

  5. Patricia C Says:

    Yes, Jennie, without a high school student in the vicinity proms can be overlooked, though it’s odd that there isn’t more marketing in the mainstream to remind us given how traditionally looked forward to these are.

  6. Melissa Kauffold Says:

    So true! I see the stores already getting gowns out on display. Also, many highschools have a winter dance that is semi-formal in January and February, so the young ladies are planning for that, too.
    You pointed out some good things to think about!

  7. Patricia C Says:

    Thanks Melissa. I did not realize there were other important formals, but now that I think of it, Valentines Day dances have always been pretty popular, too.

  8. Linda Reynolds Says:

    I love your blog, Patricia. Thoughtful, interesting and well reserached reads. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Patricia C Says:

    Thank you so much for the compliments, Linda! You’ve made my day.

  10. Dennis Says:

    The last thing I want my daughter to look like is the perfect princess on her prom night… And that’s what these pieces would accomplish.

  11. Patricia C Says:

    Dennis, thanks for the compliment and the laugh!