The Most Surprising Fact Ever

Well, it is to me, anyway. Today I learned that not everyone wants to make art.

A young person was telling me how her sister, who studies medical management, had to take an art class and she hated it because it held no interest for her. We tend to think everyone loves art, but in fact everyone doesn’t. What a shock. I knew there were people who felt they couldn’t do art but I’d never contemplated anyone actually disliking art.

Or perhaps it was the fact that she had to pay for the class and spend a whole semester at it when her goals are very focused on something else.

Do universities have an obligation to require studies outside a person’s major? I think so, but given the economics and narrow focus of today, perhaps these other courses could be made more relevant. Perhaps she could have been offered an art appreciation course or a course in medical art. Or forensic art. Those might have resonated with the medical aspect of this young lady’s mindset and given her the taste of creativity the course designers probably intended.

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