The Artful Bead Weaving of Joyce Scott

Baltimore artist Joyce Scott is an artist of the highest caliber. Her work is shown in museums and galleries around the world. Her art is infused with political and social commentary and her medium is small glass beads (well, yes, and other interesting materials, but mostly seed beads!).

Joyce Scott as seen on the Wallace Foundation website
Joyce Scott as seen on the Wallace Foundation website

It is clearly important to her that she invest her work with thought provoking imagery as she does with the necklace “The Sneak.”

“The Sneak” by Joyce Scott © the Artist, 1989

Equally important to her is the approachability of art, knowledge and the museums that house examples of these, especially to children. Her mother, a quilt artist, introduced her to museums and their wonderful holdings when she was still a very young child. This is especially good timing, in my opinion, because children are unabashedly full of wonder and eager to experience new things and ask new questions. I agree with Joyce when she bemoans the overuse of the stern order, “Don’t touch!” which so impedes every child’s wonder.

Ms Scott received graduate degrees from Maryland Institute, College of Art (BFA in Art Education) and Mexico’s Institute Allende (MFA in crafts). She also has studied various art forms of Native Americans, (especially the Central American Cuna Indians), and West Africans.

Joyce Scott’s influence on my work is less in composition than in materials and the ideal of bead weaving as Fine Art. She is definitely, to me, a major force in contemporary art.

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