Studio Sweep 2010

Sometimes, no matter how much we love a work, it’s time to let it go to make room for newer works. For that reason, I’ve decided to to initiate what I am calling a “studio sweep.” Unlike sweeping the floor I am not getting rid of these pieces, but rather encouraging them to leave for new homes in order to make room for younger siblings that are my newer works and experiments of art creation.

Kids gotta leave the nest sometime and so it is with one’s artistic creations. After all, filling the studio to the rafters is just messy so I don’t want to encourage this. Instead, I want to encourage people who want my work but until now couldn’t afford it to take advantage of my cleaning out the studio. I am deeply discounting the prices of these works to encourage sales. These pieces are all specially listed in Discontinued Designs sections at both my etsy shop and my studio.

Come back often to see which pieces are being presented in these sections. Now is a great time to make those gift purchases for birthdays, Mother’s Day, and even next Christmas or Chanukah or any gift-giving holiday coming up in 2011.

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