Studio Habits?

This post is inspired by Lisa Call who recently posted a series of questions and her responses regarding her studio habits. She then invited other artists reading her post to do the same. Here’s my shot at it.

Is your studio part of your home or a separate space?

Would you believe it? Even though I designated a room to act as my studio I do most of my work pretty much every where but in there? Bead weaving as I do it often requires a lot of space, flat space to be specific. My studio does not, at the moment have flat space. Mostly because my intent was to use it for easel paintings. And I’ve yet to devote myself fully to those. Water colors, I do flat. You can see the mismatch, right?

How big is your studio?

Not big enough. I’d love to have room for things to sprawl more and to be able to have tables and easels set up. Also, I love large open rooms and this room is an internal room created in my cellar. It does have one piece of furniture in it that takes up a whole corner. It’s my double papasan that used to be in my very large bedroom in my last Maryland apartment. I’ve promised it to my nephew. Once it goes, I’ll have a whole quarter of the room back. I’d still love to have a larger, more spacious area. I dream of high ceilings and broad skylights. And huge windows!

Do you listen to music or watch TV while you work?

As much as I love music, I find it too distracting in general. This is because I tend to either sing or choreograph when there’s music going. Sometimes, music has given me inspiration but those are special cases rather than the norm. As for TV, never. I don’t watch television much and when I do, as when I am reading, I get involved in what I am viewing.

Do you answer the telephone while you are in your studio?

Sadly, yes, often. I’m still training myself to not answer it. I think I do answer because I’m always afraid it’s a family emergency. I have an answering machine, though, and I could just listen to see if I do need to pick up. On the other hand, if I don;t hear the phone ring, I can’t answer it.

Do you eat or drink in the studio or do you leave for breaks?

I like to have something to drink on hand, usually water or tea. I don’t eat in the studio because that’s another distraction. At the moment, because I am caregiving for my mother I don’t often get large blocks of time in the studio.

How do you balance Caregiving with being an artist?

Caregiving for a mother with Alzheimers, asthma, heart problems, and other ailments takes precedence at this time so, in fact, the balance is skewed. On the other hand, I am coming to think that being her primary family caregiver is going to infuse my voice with a special perspective and I am very excited about that.

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