Remembering Mothers Day

My Mother Staying Warm

My Mother Staying Warm

Mothers Day is the 10th of May. It’s coming up fast!

The best gift is one that required consideration, one that will make her smile. The best gift is exceptional.

We almost always gave my Mother jewelry and handmade cards. I recall one year with astonishing clarity. That year, my mother received matching bracelet and earrings. Twisted loops of silver spaced with small white pearls. I never recalled her getting matching pieces before or since though my father often gave her jewelry after that. Perhaps it was because I was so young and my father let me help pick out the bracelet and let us kids say it was from us. We were very young.

My mother loved this gift. Her smile was pure joy.

What memory do the words “Mothers Day” evoke for you? Is it one you recall as a child? One you recall as a parent? Is breakfast in bed involved? Please share your memory with me, in the comments area below.

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