Reject the Common Lawn

Lobelia from CT Botanical Society

It’s time to rebel against the unnatural short green carpet that infects almost every neighborhood in the USA. Unless you have kids playing in the yard (and for sure you want to be able to keep an eye on them) or want a place for badminton and croquet, there’s no good reason to be like everyone else.

How about alternatives, like flowers? I love flowers and ground covers along with stone paths, maybe some small sculptures. And ornamental grasses. And dandelions. I like dandelions. But nothing that needs a lot of specialized care because I’m a busy lady! My yard isn’t that big so maybe it won’t take too long to to transform it into a floral jungle. Let’s be judgmental. Lawn or no lawn?

Reasons against having a lawn

* Has to be mowed. A lot.
* Grasses are delicate and usually not native. If they are good for heat, they crumble in cold. Or drought.
* Boring. Yes, this is my own value judgment. They are all green.
* Pervasive. Everyone and all the golf courses have them.
* Beautiful chaos!

Reasons to have a lawn

* Playground at home! Great for lawn games.
* Easy care. Drop some seeds or sod, feed, water, wait for growth.
* Don’t have to plan a garden.
* Everyone has a lawn.
* They look neat (when mowed).

What’s your take on this debate? Do you have photos of gardens that you love (or would love to have)? I’d love it if you would share these with me on a Pinterest Pinboard that I have created. If you are not on Pinterest yet, follow my Pinterest link and join. Then send me your information and I will invite you to add your pins to my garden board.

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