Red Sand on My Easel

Adding the bead base for the next stage.

Adding the bead base for the next stage.

After adding some glazing to the sand side of the painting I decided the best way to get the look I want is to lay down a “ground” that will capture the various strands of netting. If I was doing a free standing net piece I would be adding these decorative swirls, increasing the size of the piece as I go along. In deciding to fix the netting to my the canvas, the size of the work is laid out before I begin the netting weave.

It’s taking a while to do. I broke my needle and the new one I’m using now, keeps poking into me. Ouch! Also, despite the free form style, I am careful about where I place the little circlets. Not too far or too near each other. But I’m also excited to see where and how this piece (as a whole work) progresses.

There’s the verdant side to think of as well.

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