Rain in November

Pen and ink on watercolors of rain drops hitting a puddle, fine art by Patricia C Vener

“A Little Rain” © Patricia C Vener

Today is voting day in the USA. The weather is cool but not cold, though the drizzling rain makes it seem a lot colder. It’s also so dark at midday that I have the lights on! All in all, this should be a very dreary and depressing day. And although I am one of those affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) I am not at all depressed!

Is it my lovely piece of artwork at the top of this post? Is it the gorgeous red of my Autumn colored Japanese Maple outside my window? Is it the CBD oil I took this morning? Is it the fact that I voted already? Or maybe the Cuban espresso I made after I got back? I have no idea, but I’m feeling as if, with patience I can accomplish anything.

What a great feeling! I wish I could bottle this and give it away. The best I can do is offer this blog post with its pretty picture and a virtual smile or hug (as you prefer) to you.

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