Pink and Purple, Colors Together

A collection of three unrelated but color coordinated works of art jewelry.

Subtle, Shimmer, Spectacular
┬ęPatricia C Vener
$ Necklace 175.00 USD, Improv Earrings 30.00 USD, Chandelier Earrings 125.00 USD

One day, long ago, my kindergarten class made plaster of paris handprints. I squished my hand into the wet cement and thought about the colors I wanted to paint mine. Purple and pink. The teacher was adament, “No. Those colors don’t go together.” So I talked her into pink and gold. I was angry, frustrated, and to this day I put those colors together any time I get the chance. (Though I love how adding gold enhances any color or color combination.)

As I matured, my use of this combination became more subtle. For example, in the large earrings and necklace in the above collage, purple is represented by lavender and the pink used here is a pink with a strength that mirrors the lavender’s. The smaller earrings use a dark purple and the pastel version, as well as the pink, show up in the aurora borealis finish and facet shimmer of the vintage crystals. These three pieces of jewelry will work very well with each other but they were conceived and created at different times without planning them to match. Serendipity. I love it!

    There are three great lessons to be learned here.

  1. creativity will find a way
  2. pink and purple do go together
  3. never underestimate the mind of a child

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