How it Happened, On to Future Adventures

"On to Future Adventures"  by Patricia C Vener  © 1998, Patricia C Vener

“On to Future Adventures”
by Patricia C Vener
© 1998, Patricia C Vener

A line of ships passes by. Where are they going? Why are they braving the red morning’s rough seas that could dash them against the looming rocks? The story is incomplete, ready to be developed by every viewer’s imagination. Is this an ocean going caravan or the remnants of a war party? It’s up to you.

This painting rose from my quick application of a reddish base on the primed canvas board using a crumpled rag. I let the random strokes delineate the rock forms which became more and more pronounced as I slathered on the color with an artist’s knife. Shadows and cloud forms became more accentuated and the weather and time of day revealed themselves. The last to appear were the boats – ships; tiny, delicate and almost indistinct as they travel past the viewer.

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