November National Caregivers Month

I am the primary family caregiver for my mother and this month is mine. Mine and everyone’s who act as caregivers for an ailing parent, spouse, lover, friend, child… Ours is a difficult path and we often find the ride to be bumpy as hell. If there is a family caregiver in your life, thank her (or him) profusely with any of the following gifts:

  1. Free time! Take over the job for a day or two or even just a few extra hours.
  2. Chocolates (I love dark chocolate – the expensive good kind. Lindt for example.)
  3. Gift certificate for something fun and relaxing (very much depends on the recipient’s tastes).
  4. Thank you dinner that she (or he) doesn’t have to make or clean up after.
  5. Ask what you can do to help – then take on those chores with good cheer and keep it up!
  6. Write to the president and your congressman asking for more not less assistance for our elderly.

Thank you for taking the time to give hugs to your friend or family member who does this caring day in and day out with no pay and not nearly enough emotional support. If you want a few more ideas or resources, please see my post from last year, “Be Thankful for Family Caregivers.”

2 Responses to “November National Caregivers Month”

  1. Rena Klingenberg Says:

    Thank you for writing this post, Patricia.

    Another thing we’ve done for caregivers is to bring a batch of our DVD movies for them to borrow, along with a big container of homemade soup or casserole plus a loaf of bakery bread, once every week or two.

    I think that letting a caregiver to know that she/he isn’t forgotten, and that friends are coming by regularly with homemade dinner and another batch of movies is a simple, easy way to say “thank you” and “hang in there”.

    Hugs to you and your mom.

  2. Patricia C Says:

    That’s so wonderful, Rena! Clearly you know the value of taking away some of the stress load and one of the best ways of doing this. We caregivers, as a group, tend to slowly become isolated and having friends and family who can do what you have done is one of the best aids there is!

    Thank you so much for your acknowledgement to the caregivers you know.