Not a Snow Post

photo of long shadows of trees on a sunny winter day

Looking out at Winter’s long shadows

This is what it does not look like outside my window. So far we’ve had two snowfalls that both melted away pretty quickly. I just felt like sharing the image of a traditional Winter scene; since it is Winter.

"Love Grows" ©2013, Patricia C Vener is a watercolor and ink vignette drawing

“Love Grows” ©2013, Patricia C Vener

This pen and ink over watercolour is part of a series within a series. The umbrella series name is “Stream of Consciousness.” This sub-series is “It’s All About the Heart” but that’s kind of a long name so on the computer its folder name is “Valentines.” I created these a few years ago as part of a self directed challenge to create 100 vignettes before the end of that year’s Summer. I succeeded! Now I am beginning to use the individual works as licensed art, mainly Greeting Cards. This particular image is about to be used for another Valentine’s Day card there. It should be up and available some time next week. So far I have seven Valentine cards up, two for Chanukah and one sympathy card. Making greeting cards is fun!

You can watch my collection of greeting cards grow at my store at Greeting Card Universe. If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope you find my cards are just what you are looking for.

Thank you for supporting the arts and living artists!

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