No Limit for Valentines Day Colors

There’s a new page on my website just in time for Valentines Day. While red is my favorite color, I didn’t limit the page to only red earrings.

Green and Purple faceted crystal earrings with silver accents are elegant alternatives to red for valentines day. Made by Patricia C Vener

Green and Purple earrings made by Patricia C Vener

When I create my large works I get a lot of beads to work with. And I almost always end up with a few beads left over. These are my orphan beads. What to do?

Make earrings!

How about some good drama? Midnight blue earrings with a lot of sparkle made by Patricia C Vener

Dramatic Midnight Blue earrings made by Patricia C Vener

These earrings feature the orphan beads along with Bali silver and sterling silver. These are beaded earrings though not bead woven. In some cases, I do some simple wire wrapping to add a bit more flair. I love making these because they don’t take hours and hours to make. I can see the results the same day I start them! Just like my larger, bead woven works, every pair of these earrings is unique.

Vintage lampwork mist and bronze colored beads create a pair of earrings of non-neutral glamor

Mist and Bronze by Patricia C Vener

Some of these orphans are quite old, “vintage” beads, in other words. This bead is a handmade lampwork bead that has the appearance of porcelein. Some artisan sat before a flame, shaping and adding sparkly colors so a future artist could add more beauty to the world.

“None of these examples are red,” you complain. “Don’t you have any red earrings?” you ask.

I do. To see these please visit my special Valentines Day earring page and scroll down towards the bottom.

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