Never Assume

I know this lesson, I really, really do, and yet…

I recently purchased some fancy inventory keeping software. It keeps track of time, materials, vendors, sales tax – lots of stuff in great detail! Only… it wasn’t working for me. At least it didn’t seem to be working consistently. I decided, after inputting my own information, to start adding some of the vendors and some of the raw materials I was thinking of using for my latest bead weaving project. I read the manual; I worked step by step while reading the instructions. I got one vendor in and then another. I hit the bright green plus sign to add a third vendor. Nothing happened – no empty record would open. I fired off a frustrated email to the software’s developer and went back to fiddle around on my own.

I decided to try duplicating the last entry. Ok, I got a duplicate. Then I deleted the duplicate and was suddenly able to hit the plus sign and get a new empty record. Huh. Oh well.

I added a bunch of vendors and moved on to adding parts.

I added one strand of lovely round faceted unakite beads. Then… Duplicate, delete, and add some swarovski bicones.


I sent off another email (after noticing a response that asked for more details). Ok, actually I am summarizing the criss-cross of emails and attempts. This all actually took a just under a week of fiddling and emailing back and forth until…

Gary sent back an email saying, “click on the word ‘New’ next to the green plus sign.”


Now I remember what happens when we ASSUME!

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