Metal in Massachusetts: Dance til you Drop

Dance til you drop formed copper wire by Patricia C Vener

Dance Til You Drop by Patricia C Vener

Experimentation always leads somewhere. Experimentation is an important part of my creative process. I will work with something, learning as much as I can about the process and its results until I am satisfied that it will or won’t (at least for a while) become part of my repertoire. In this case, I experimentation lead to experiencing ow wire (copper and silver) behave and react to forming machinations. I experience what the material can do and how far I can start to take it. And what this might mean for artistic expression.

Finally, after assembling all my twisted forms, Alyssa asked me to choose three and make a sentence. I made a story out of that. Can you see it in the forms? Do they illustrate the title as much to you as they do to me?

“Dance til You Drop”

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