Maryland to Connecticut

There are no easy ways to move. Well, ok, I suppose in a fantasy one might throw out everything and start completely new but, really, not practical. Not to mention leaving behind all the things in which we have invested much emotion. So I didn’t throw out much although I did give a lot of stuff to Good Will. The movers still managed to get over 4,000 pounds out of my one bedroom apartment and this does not include my beading supplies nor my paintings. My sister-in-law and I carried these and a few other immediately needed supplies in our cars.

Speaking about sister-in-laws, I have to say mine is terrific coming all the way down to MD just to help me load up and travel back up to CT. So here I am not unpacked but getting back into the rhythm of creating and exploring new markets for my work. Watch for my latest creations which I hope to show here and on my web pages.

Meanwhile, back to beading!

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