Life’s 7 Important Questions Part 5

Finally, after all that deep thinking, we come to the last question: when do we eat? Possibly one of the most important of the questions, this last, number seven in the list, reminds us that life is not just about the profound but also about taking care of ourselves, enjoying life, and, very importantly, having a sense of humor.

When I was very young, long before I even cared, my father would advise me that above all else, I should seek a spouse who had a “good sense of humor.” What he was trying to tell me was that no matter how intelligent and compassionate a human being is, if they don’t have a sense of humor living with them is not going to be the best experience.

So my final words on this subject are to look seriously at your life’s journey, but be sure to take time out to enjoy the journey and all the great food you haven’t tried yet.

I invite you to go back and reread the series, starting with Part 1 of Life’s 7 Important Questions. Please let me know what you think, where you are on your journay, and any great recipes you care to share.

2 Responses to “Life’s 7 Important Questions Part 5”

  1. Marsha Says:

    I totally agree. I am fortunate to have married The Best Man Ever, and his sense of humor is a vital part of the package. And taking care of ourselves, you betcha. We to be whole and complete and satisfied before we can offer much to others. Love it. Not what I was expecting the last question to be!

  2. Patricia C Says:

    I’m glad you could relate to my post, Marsha, and that I managed to give you something unexpected. 🙂