Life’s 7 Important Questions Part 4

Now that you have a destination, it’s time to work out the route. Where “route” is defined as “How I’m going to get where I want to go.” (Which was the topic of the previous post in this series.) Whatever you were doing before? You’re going to have to start making changes. Unless, of course, your whole introspection of “where do I want to go?” returned the answer of “exactly where I’m headed.” Although, really, even then, there might possibly be changes that will make your ride move along even faster.

On the other hand, if you have changed your destination then you must change what you are doing if only for the fact that doing what you have been doing will only get you the results you have been getting. Already. This is not news; I’m sure you’ve read that sentence before. Or one remarkably like it.

This question may be even more difficult than any of the others because the answer is going to be a complexity of actions. It really will be more difficult than taking a single step and then another and another and… so on. Why? Because not only do you have to take the first step, but you must also swing your arms and look around you; notice the scenery and hear the music, feel the warm breezes and taste the perfume of a multitude of spices. It is very rarely only a single action repeated that will get you where you (have decided you) want to go. It takes concurrent actions that must be evaluated and re-evaluated even as you eye your destination and evaluate (and re-evaluate) that.

Where are we now? Where am I now? I have a destination (several in fact) and I can see some obstacles that need to be dealt with. Some of these are responsibilities and obligations I have willingly taken on (destinations that have nothing to do with my art, I should say) but others are merely habits and emotions and lack of confidence in doing certain tasks (mostly relating to business). Habits can be recognized and reformed. Emotions can be confronted, embraced, and molded. Confidence, it turns out, can both be faked and and learned and embraced as readily as any other emotion.

I am ready to stop accumulating theory and to start the actual experimentation. I have an array of tools I have only to pick up and use and I’ll be on my way.

Are you ready? Are you still gathering the tools and designing the experiment? Have you passed this way more than once and are an old hand at introspection and action?



One Response to “Life’s 7 Important Questions Part 4”

  1. Marsha Says:

    These are not only important questions, they are hard questions. Good luck with your route planning!