Life’s 7 Important Questions Part 3

Where do I want to go? is the next question in my list. Sometimes easy to answer; as when I was young and determined to be (and working toward being) a ballerina. I knew exactly what I wanted with a clarity that is rare in children.

Sometimes not at all easy. As later on in life when, after having to stop dancing, I saw how many possibilities were still available to me. Talented, bright, and pulled in several (if not many) different directions!

ACEO by Patricia C Vener copyright 2011

Variation of Planck's Constant in the Multiverse

I still want to do it all but I am mature enough to comprehend that I can’t do it all at once! How much will I get to do is an unknown. What I do know is where I want to be in 5 or ten years, as an artist, a person, a woman.

Where do you want to go? Is it the same destination as 5 years ago? Ten? When you were ten?

2 Responses to “Life’s 7 Important Questions Part 3”

  1. Nancy Pace Says:

    I am so glad you chose to move forward. I enjoy your inner-self reflections.

  2. Audrey Says:

    I enjoy your clarity and determination Patricia! Great post!