Life’s 7 Important Questions Part 1

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where am I?
  3. How did I get here?
  4. Where am I going?
  5. Where do I want to go?
  6. How do I get there?
  7. When do we eat?

Van Gogh self portrait Paris: Autumn, 1887 Paris, Musée d'Orsay
Who am I? is all about self discovery and this is an ongoing investigation because none of us are static. That’s why so many artists create several (at least) self portraits. Van Gogh is especially famous for his series of these. Each painting gives us an inkling of the man and his idea of himself. Shown here is Van Gogh as he saw himself in 1887. This painting resides at the Musée d’Orsay.

Where am I? has quite a few connotations as well. As a child wherever we moved I would wake up in the middle of the night completely disoriented. I fell down the stairs once after every relocation! As an artist I ask this question of myself when I want to take a step back and review what I am doing with my work as well as where I am emotionally and intellectually.

How did I get here? is what I ask when I’ve gotten lost because the map is wrong, wrong, wrong. But it’s also a good question asked in conjunction with the previous one, especially when I feel ready to re-evaluate my direction.

Introspection at key points in our lives help us to keep from getting stuck in a rut. Where are you right now?


  1. Van Gogh self portrait

6 Responses to “Life’s 7 Important Questions Part 1”

  1. Norma Jean Dell Says:

    You are absolutely correct!! I am constantly thinking of those questions and adapting!

  2. Nancy Pace Says:

    Nice blog! #7 for me is always, what am I going to eat?:)

  3. Ruthie Says:

    That would be a very, very long answer so I’ll simply say I think these questions are very important as artists because they directly affect our work! Who Am I? As in what am I interested in right now? What moves me? What do I want from my craft? Where Am I? Does where I’m at in my jewelry business reflect my answers to the first questions? How Did I Get Here? If the two don’t match, why? What can/should I change? Why am I where I’m at and what lessons did I learn along the way?

  4. Judith Glover Says:

    This material is definitely worth more than one blog post.

  5. Patricia C Says:

    Ruthie, I think these questions compel a lot of philosophy as well as art. But then, isn’t the artist also a philosopher (at least of sorts)?

    Judith, I think so too, so keep an eye out for the next installment!

    Norma Jean and Nancy, thank you for commenting!