Learning on a Curve?

Hoops and Loops earrings with red Czech Cathedral Beads

Recently, I attended an Eastern Star event as one of the vendors. I haven’t done a table or both event for quite a number of years due to caregiving responsibilities. Thankfully, I was sharing a table so didn’t have to be there alone. I limited my works to earrings and brought three different lines at three different price points. The most expensive were one of a kind dangle earrings that are the most ornate and they are priced at $35.00. I also brought some of my Improv earrings ($24.00). These are one of a kind as well, but in some cases, if asked, I can make multiples (when I have sufficient beads of the same type).

Finally, I had my newest line, Hoops and Loops, one pair of which you can see at the top of this post. These are all sterling or Argentium sterling silver hoops of varying diameter each withe a bead either directly threaded on or dangling by way of a smaller loop of silver. The bottom half of these earrings are hammered so as to have a bit of texture.

I want to start making some of the 3D sculptural looped wire as I shared with you in Metal in Massachusetts: Wire at Snow Farm. These would be rather daring, I think. Although I suppose I don’t have to make them all large.

On the announcement side of things, I’ve linked my Artwork Archive public inventory to my website on the Bead Weaving page. I’m planning to very soon break this up and link by collections of my work rather than everything all at once. Please take a look at Bead Weaving. Feel free to as about commissioning custom work!

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