Introducing Improv Series Beaded Earrings

Affordably priced one of a kind beaded earrings

Improv Earrings in Midnight Blue © 2012 Patricia C Vener

Earring lovers can’t get enough so I’ve created this series of earrings for the self-rewarding impulse buy without guilt because all of these are priced below $15.00 USD. Improv series are lovely beaded earrings with a simple premise. Each pair is unique and colorful. In Dance and theatre “improv” is short for “improvisational” meaning that the work is spontaneous. And so these earrings are as well. I start with a pair of beads for the main focus then add other beads to contrast or accentuate as I feel inspired at the moment. They are loaded onto Argentium sterling (or niobium) headpins and finished with colorful niobium French hook earwires.

Every day, I will be changing the pair of earrings on a hidden page on my website because the pair of the day will be for sale at a very special 20% discounted price. If that day’s pair is not sold in time, they will be listed at full price in my etsy shop, Silver Dragon.

If you are looking for something more dramatic, watch out for Fiesta series, bead woven spiral earrings for around $30.00 to $35.00 USD.

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