How Fine They Are

Fine Art Bead weaving, three necklaces

Can three necklaces convince you that bead weaving is art?

The work, “On the Beach,” upper right in the collage, is an abstraction of a beach. There is representation of a sea or ocean, sand, shells and, in the carving on the focal piece, the tropics as well as the grass that abuts many beaches. At the same time, if you are a lover of beaches this could also be a work that ignites positive emotions.

“Lace Me Up,” the work on the bottom of the collage, is important for its demonstration of skill used in a unique manner to create beauty for its own sake. That the piece is wearable adds to its value, I believe. This work is also a study in limiting my palette.

“Overnight Success,” the third piece featured in the collage, is another abstraction. In this case it is the abstraction of a story that can be told by me but is open to some interpretation or embellishment by all observers, depending on their own imaginations. The one defining parameter is the sun that has just set and the sun that is just coming to the horizon.

For another example, go back to my post,Red Sky Warning, where I tell a story and weave a landscape in a pair of earrings.

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