Handmade Is from the Heart

"Love Grows" ©2013, Patricia C Vener is a watercolor and ink vignette drawing

“Love Grows” ©2013, Patricia C Vener

When you buy fine art and fine craft works you are buying a work imbued with the soul of whoever made it. The hands that worked the piece moved with the conscious direction of someone who cares about what they are forming. It is a voice unheard.

Handmade is sharing. Maybe a vision, maybe a sentiment. Maybe just a coincidental love of a particular form.

Some message is being communicated between artist and collector (often between artist and artist because most artists are also collectors of art). Without someone to appreciate the artist’s work, that work is incomplete.

If you receive a handmade gift this Valentine’s Day – or any day – you will have received a very special gift indeed.

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