Goals Feb 2006

Lately I have been thinking about my business and artistic goals. They are numerous and varied and perhaps somewhat nebulous. The first two conditions are nota problem; the last is occasionally unfortunate. The most nebulous of goals, that is, the goal of being well-known and respected must lie upon other, less vague goals. To that end, I am putting forth before myself some more concrete goals. One of these is to have my work showcased (or at least seen) in the most respected art and adornment magazines. Another, is to obtain representation in more fine galleries and shops. A third goal is to become a more forceful presence on the internet.

This last I think I can accomplish, at least in part, by publishing on my website articles that will encourage further understanding and knowledge of my art forms. Some of the topics I plan on covering include a dissertation of the many forms of seed beads, the various stitches and weavings, color theory, design elements and so on.

Indeed, I invite you to email me with your own suggestions. Whether you are a collector or an artist, I want to hear from you! While I know what interests me, I also want to write about what interests you.

2 Responses to “Goals Feb 2006”

  1. Kari Bryde Says:

    I would love to read articles on color theory. It is one of my favorite topics, there is so much science involved and so much power in color. Not only can color manipulate human beings, they manipulate each other (visually, based on their juxtapositions). I also had to buy one of those great clasps you restyled! Your beadwork on display is beautiful too “Tao” is gorgeous!

  2. Patricia C Says:

    I love color theory and the really cool thing? I can approach it from both scientific and artistic perspectives. My first articel, now up at my site under Articles is an introduction to various kinds of seed beads. I will be posting a lot more articles including an ongoing series discussing the many various aspects of Color. Thanks for the encouragement and suggestion.

    –Patricia C Vener
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