Gift Bags or Boxes

Luxurious Velvet Gift Bag, photo ©2009, Patricia C Vener-Saavedra

Luxurious Velvet Gift Bag, photo ©2009, Patricia C Vener-Saavedra

The controversy rages: gift bags or gift boxes?

My preference is gift bags.
* They are elegant keepsakes in themselves, representing luxury and the portent of a rare treasure.
* They also fold and fit into randomly shaped spaces without breaking or becoming crushed.
* Their material usually lasts longer than even the sturdiest of cardboard.
* They look fresh and new for a longer time than cardboard or paper boxes.
* They don’t get scratched as plastic does.
* They often can be washed (by hand at least).

To be fair, gift boxes do have some good characteristics.
* Boxes are easy to wrap in gift wrap
* They give some people a sense of security when being shipped (but really, good use of bubble wrap negates this advantage).
* They stack
* They can be written on (but why would you want to?)

In the comments or by email, I’d love to know your opinion. So, tell me, what is your preference?

2 Responses to “Gift Bags or Boxes”

  1. Sari Grove Says:

    I discard both & put precious items into a special wooden tea box my mother ‘n law gave me…It has compartments for tea that sort jewelry nicely…In a drawer by my bedside…(ok, I don’t discard both bags & cardboard boxes…I don’t use them, but feel guilty about throwing them away so they sort of clutter up my home…)

  2. Patricia C Says:

    Sari, could you reuse them for gifts you give to others?