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Featured This Month: Celedon

Celedon © Patricia C Vener Variscite cabochon, rhodonite and much bead weaving by Patricia C Vener

Celedon © Patricia C Vener
Variscite cabochon, purple jade and much bead weaving

Celedon was inspired by the variscite cabochon that is its focal point. The unusual green is its natural color! The little purplish faceted briolettes are rhodenite, a reddish mineral often found with dramatic black streaks. Minerals are as amazing as flowers, but they’re harder and tend to last longer. One of my favorite things about this piece is how much it reminds me of early Spring flowering trees. This is a softness quite unexpected from hard stone and glass beads. “Celedon” is 17 inches long but can be lengthened (or shortened) if required. It is securely fastened by a bead and loop closure. The bead is a lamp worked venetian wedding cake bead with tiny dots of beads reminiscent of floral bouquets.

While on this page, Celedon has the special price of $200.00. That’s a $50.00 dollar savings on its regular price of $250.00. If you are interested in purchasing this necklace, or have any questions about it, please visit my Contact Page, vener-art.com/contact.html, for my email link.