Exhibiting at a Solar Energy Expo

Solar energy powers the Solar system, we should be able to make direct use of it ourselves. It’s smart, it’s clean, and there’s going to be an exposition that demonstrates this, as well as have all the trappings of a fair. I will be taking some new work I’ve designed especially for this venue. The line is called, “Solar Flare,” and features very pretty, one of a kind and limited edition ribbon necklaces. So far I haven’t had to repeat any of the designs and in some cases it isn’t even possible as I use certain unique components. The ribbon is actually a wonderful knitting ribbon that I recently discovered at a knitting shop, The Yarn Barn in Woodbrifge CT. I’ll be uploading images of some of these. I will also be putting some of these on my website and in my etsy shop, Silver Dragon at Etsy. I hope also to have some new earrings and other works as well.

Lots to do in preperation. I am even considering getting a tent. EZup is the standard but that’s quite the investment when I’m not sure how many outdoor shows I intend to do. Anyway, those of you in the area, be sure to drop by and say hello!Ribbon Necklace with Vintage Necklace Component

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