I Can’t Help Falling in Love too Fast

We artists often fall in love with our own work even before it is finished. The work sometimes does not love us back. It refuses to cooperate or it just isn’t turning out as we planned. This is when we have to be strong and call off the relationship.

We have two choices, then. We can either put the work away unfinished or we can start over. For my bead woven work this means I can rip it apart and use the materials in another project.

More often, though, only part of the work isn’t cooperating. In this case I take apart only those aspects that aren’t working but keep those parts that are. Sometimes an entirely new vision arises from the remains of the old.

Purple Perfection ©2005, Patricia C Vener

Purple Perfection ©2005, Patricia C Vener

Purple Perfection is a necklace I don’t love. I made it nine years ago when I was just teaching myself the tubular netting technique. It doesn’t have the “wow” factor other pieces (even some that are not recent) have. I put it away, but now I am going to take it apart and use those beads to create something that will evoke amazement from those who view it.

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