Do these Jeans Make My Earrings Look Fat?

Unexpected use of beautiful bead woven necklaces

Be Bold When You’re Out and About

“I love your work, it’s so beautiful.” Says the conservatively dressed woman fingering one of my works of art, a beadwoven necklace of some complexity.

“Thank you,” I reply smiling.

“But where would I wear it? I never go out.”

Which, really, isn’t quite true. She’s here at whatever this event is, where my work is on display. “How about to the grocery store?” I’m not brave enough to respond.

And, if I think it, can I do it? Apparently the answer is yes. Yes, I sometimes do outrageously different things. Like wear a 200 plus dollar necklace when I go grocery shopping. Or to the movie theatre. Not when I’m gardening, though.

I think, ‘what can I wear to go with this necklace and these earrings?’ Of course, since I make my jewelry art for other people to enjoy as much as I do, I should be asking, ‘what can my collectors wear with this necklace and these earrings?’ I don’t wear jeans any more (not since Lees for Ladies stopped making pinstripe jeans) but I suspect some of the people who buy my work do. Or how about suits?

Of course I wear ornate jewelry to artistic events, to parties, to almost any occasion that is not likely to include mud, sand, or hiking. Unless it’s the track. If fancy hats can be worn to the track, why not also elaborate jewelry?

Why not dress it up and make a statement. Would you wear an ornate handmade work of wearable art to the grocery store? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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4 Responses to “Do these Jeans Make My Earrings Look Fat?”

  1. Mim Says:

    Great title 🙂

  2. Patricia C Says:

    Thanks, Mim!

  3. Lori Sokoluk Says:

    Great title Patricia! And yes, I would wear one of your elaborate necklaces to these places and more:
    – out to hear jazz at a dive bar
    – to the grocery store
    – to the movies
    – to a friend’s place for dinner (with jeans and warm socks because it’s a shoes-off kinda place)
    – to an artist exhibit opening (mine or someone else’s)
    – basically anywhere except my studio on a work day

    I live in Vancouver BC, where Lululemon and Goretex are considered dress wear. The owner of a clothing store here actually got so tired of hearing “I love it, but where would I wear it?” that she puts on fashion show/evening events several times a year that she calls “Where to Wear It” : )

  4. Patricia C Says:

    Lori, thanks for sharing your places to wear my work. It’s also great to read about one of your local shop’s action in the same vein. I love it!