Can you Believe it? Wearable Art Humor

"Chomp!" by Patriica C Vener © 2008, by the Artist

“Chomp!” by Patricia C Vener © 2008, by the Artist

“Chomp!” is one of my favorite pieces. It has color, a variety of stitches, wonderful beads, and it tells a visual joke.

There once was a primordial pond where primordial algae, bacteria, and other microscopic lifeforms lived and thrived. Of course these are perfect food sources for small fish and after a while these also appeared in the pond.

These, in turn, attracted larger lifeforms and as the pond grew into a lake (over the course of geological history) larger aquatic lifeforms arrived to dine on the smaller ones, which continued to eat the microscopic lifeforms.

Over time, larger and larger species arrived to enjoy snacking on the smaller species. But what happens to those larger lifeforms? Why, they end up as food for the microscopic creatures!

Close up of "Chomp!" by Patriica C Vener © 2008, by the Artist

Close up of “Chomp!” by Patriica C Vener © 2008, by the Artist

The necklace starts out with a small colony of circular forms linked together to show that they are in fact a colony of related creatures. I used faceted amazonite beads surrounded by circular Peyote bead weaving for the individual colony members as well as Swarovski crystals to represent immature members of the colony.

Enter then, several small, sort of fish shaped creatures formed using Russian style Peyote bead weaving chomping down on some of the available food. I made a series of these pseudo fishes, each larger than the one before it. I finally created the monster of the lake as an undulating length of brick stitch bead weaving whose tail end serves both the fastener of the necklace and the bit of food being eaten by the microbes. The fastener is vintage Swarovski crystal with a colorful aurora borealis finish.

This piece is part of a private collection.

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