Bead Netting Bezels

Like many bead weaving artists, I like to incorporate various stones and crystal jewels in my work. I have included many of these in their forms as beads and only occasionally in their forms as cabochons and faceted jewels. Among the first was a beautiful teardrop shaped agate which I used in a commissioned piece, “Barnegat Sunrise” bead weaving bezeled cabochon

My latest are small vintage Swarovski faceted jewels, rectangluar and Rivolis. Some of these are extremely rare and I don’t have too many of them, so I want them to be displayed perfectly in every piece where I use them. I used one of the especially rare rectangular jewels (Swarovski Article 4523) in the piece I showed off in my previous post, eXtemporaneous After Midnight. It took me some time to develop the open weave netting to fit in such a way as to show off as much of the faceted table as possible. Here are a pair of stones showing two versions that I worked through.

beaded bezel for rectangle stones

The jewel on the left shows more of the top flat table though both are viable designs that hold well. These jewels are 16 millimeters by 12 millimeters so I’ve used equally tiny seed beads (15/0) for a certain amount of subtlety.

Next are some Rivolis which measure 12 millimeters in diameter. The open weave of mainly bead netting works especially well although this bezel actually uses three different techniques. The first set of stitches is Right Angle Weave, then I work the back in Peyote and the front in netting. I have a tutorial in the works (which means I’ve taken pictures and now have to write up the technique and make some drawings). Shown below are six rivolis which are now ready for my newest piece (which I hope to have finished in time for the Etsy Beadweavers’ September Challenge – but more on that later).

6 beaded bezel rivolis

As always once I’ve worked out a design detail, I am both proud of these and excited at the idea of taking them further. I have some very tiny teardrop stones I’m thinking of tackling next.

There are so many ways to bead weave bezels and I like to think I’ve added to that collection. I like the idea of being able to utilize different techniques to achieve whatever look and style fits whatever design I can come up with. How about you? do you have a favorite look for bezeled stones and jewels?

3 Responses to “Bead Netting Bezels”

  1. Marsha Says:

    Bravo, Patricia.

  2. Patricia C Says:

    Thanks Marsha!

  3. Dennis Gold Says:

    These are so beautiful! Thanks for passing them along to us! Keep up the good work!