Artistic Promotion, Work in Progress

Why am I not panicking? Is it because instead of waiting til the last minute I have been working on signing up fellow artists and artisans, planning the promotional aspects, writing, drawing, ordering, creating? Why yes, I think that’s it. I’ve decided that I really do not enjoy the whole thing of Press Releases (writing them, sending them – which I still have to do). But if I can plan things early enough everything else seems a lot less intimidating. It’s not easy to toot one’s own horn when one has been brought up with lessons that encourage the opposite behavior.

When I was a child I was constantly admonished to be modest about my talents; that it was not appropriate for a girl to “show off.” This did not encourage my self-confidence in the slightest and I have had to teach myself to stop being modest about how talented I really am. Light is meant to shine, not be shrouded under wraps; shared not hoarded.

“Dreams and Delights” is on Wednesday 18 November 2009, where you can enjoy a respite from the various stresses in your life, nosh on some delectable treats and maybe find some gifts for yourself as well as others on your gift list.

3 Responses to “Artistic Promotion, Work in Progress”

  1. Marsha Says:

    So less than a week away! I am excited for you, and want to assure you, you have plenty to be proud of. Feel free to say whatever rings true to you about your self and work. You are talented and it’s OK for others to know it!

  2. Ruthie Says:

    Good for you for learning to praise yourself 🙂 I’m not any good at that myself 🙁

  3. Dawn Says:

    I tend to be shy and have trouble promoting my work. Good luck on the 18th. I’m sure you’ll do fine- your work is beautiful.