Artist in Motion

Yes, this is me. A Dancer always.

Dancing with the Stars in Motion Yet Not

Three things that let you know you are moving even when you are standing still;

  1. It’s late. And dark. The night is clear. Go outside and wait. After an hour or so, note how the stars seem to have moved. They have not really moved. Rather, the Earth has continued in its perpetual rotation about its axis.
  2. Are you in a car, plane, train, or boat? Look out away from your mode of transport. That landscape is not traveling, you are.
  3. You breathed! At least I hope you did. Which means, of course, you moved. Just try taking a photo in a dark room while you breathe.

and 1 that fools you.

  1. Vertigo. Feel like you are falling even when laying flat on your bed.

Are you constantly in motion? Do you feel exhilerated or exhausted? Please use the comments to tell your story.

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