Art to Aid Hurricane Recovery

Now that I once more have a working computer and access to my files, I can post the latest news and mental meanderings. To begin, I have decided to donate ten percent of my sales to “Habitat for Humanity” and “America’s Second Harvest” to aid in the recovery from Hurricane Katrina’s devestation. The only items not included are my kits (and this is because 10 percent would not be a significant amount). This includes not only website sales, but Home Jewelry Party sales as well.

On another front, the International Jewelry Designer’s Guild recently held a silent auction to benefit the Baton Rouge Relief Fund. I donated a piece, August, which was won by another member of the IJDG. We made several thousand dollars and most of the payments have been successfully collected.

Be on the lookout for my latest work, soon to be uploaded to my website. As always, I thinak you for reading!


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