Art Process – Revising My Ideas

Some Components of a New Project and the Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Lately I’ve found myself revising a bead weaving project several times over. New ideas spring into my mind, I get excited and want to start incorporating them all and all at once. I have recently decided to create a themed installation style series of works, each to include at least one painting, one large bead weaving masterwork and several smaller works. Because of this decision, I took a single neckpiece with too many things going on and have ended up designing three necklaces. All of them to be united by colors derived from the unakite beads they will all contain. I look at this as growth both of a vision and of myself as an artist.

Revising my work even if I have to take it apart several times over means that I am experimenting and not accepting a status quo or work that is less than my perfectionist soul can be satisfied with. Quality matters but it’s not the only factor I care about. I also want to push the envelope of experimentation so that I create something unique and new, something that is inspirational to others. In this way I am always learning and enhancing my own expertise as an artist which in turn keeps my work exciting.

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