And She’s Off!

It pays to rehearse the set. Photo of a display arrangement for a small space.

Testing a display for a small space.

I’ve been invited to offer for sale my latest series, hand made silver wire loop earrings. I will have a small space on another artist’s table. The event is two days long in the middle of September. I am planning ahead! I’ve got three different earring collections, my Improv earrings, these new hoop and loop earrings (some are visible in the photo at the top), and my elegant dangle earrings which include not only some rare beads, but a bit of wire wrap using Bali silver findings and beads. three different price points, too.

I posted a photo of the loop earrings on facebook and already sold a pair from there.

What I am most pleased about, however, is that I have actually planned out all my tasks in advance and scheduled them on my calendar. I feel a great sense of relief when I am in control of things. Don’t you? You know, ’cause there’s no reason to panic.

Anyway, as I have more explicit information, (time and location), I’ll be letting everyone know! I appreciate your support.

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