Accomplishments 2009

As we close in on the end of December 2009, it’s nice to stop a moment and reflect upon the accomplishments of the past year both professionally and personally. (Thank you Alyson Stanfield for the idea!) I’m going to start with a big personal accomplishment – I started getting back into shape (ok, I stopped when the Holiday season began taking up more of my time, but the start is there!). I envision myself being exceptionally healthy so I have to make sure that I pay attention to doing things that promote and support my good health.

The BlogI started blogging regularly and continued the habit from June til now. In that time I have picked up a few readers (hi guys!) and had some illuminating conversations. I’m a bit less regular with my newsletter but not a lot and I still count it as an accomplishment that I moved from a limited free version of an online ezine piblisher to using PHPList that is provided with my web host service. It’s been real work getting that to give me the functionality I need and want but I’m learning more and more about manipulating the code to get a look I like and functionality that works for me.

“Dreams and Delights” was a multi-artist Open Studio is a Tea Room which allowed me to put to use some of the marketing and promotion techniques I had been reading about in books, blogs and newsletters. I will be writing about the whole experience in more depth in another article, but suffice to say, I got to practice Press Release writing, contract negotiation, planning the event and obtaining other artists, advertsing, and a great deal more. So this is really quite an accomplishment for me.

My beadweaving stitch, Vener Chain Stitch, was published as a bracelet project in the internationally recognized “Step by Step Beads.” Here’s an example of the stitch used in a commissioned work recently:

Commissioned Necklace using Vener Chain Stitch

Commissioned Necklace using Vener Chain Stitch

Photographing My Art I have learned how to get good shots from my Samsung digital camera and am a great deal more comfortable with my table top photo studio (purchased light box, three 6500 K lamps with broken fixtures – I no longer trust Staples, calcite from my collection as props).

I have 401 hearts for my Etsy shop and have begun listing there and in my 1000Markets shop more frequesntly.

Home and Garden My plants are flourishing and I got my Spring bulbs in (my mother is no longer able to do all the gardening she likes so I’m helping her get the most beautiful garden in town. Slowly. Over the course of the next few years). My octopus orchid is sending up a second flower pseudobulb.

Being Seen Entered two Etsy Beadweavers monthly challanges and two Beadweavers Emporium challenges.

New Works Created both masterworks and a new line of one of a kind dangle earrings.

Wow. It’s great to see one’s accomplishments listed out. I am finding it very encouraging and inspiring. I’m ready to take on 2010.

How about you? What are the accomplishments you want to shout about?

2 Responses to “Accomplishments 2009”

  1. Patricia Williams Says:

    Hi Patricia, What a good year you have had with lots of recognition. I have only been beading a relatively short period of time and beadweaving since this past summer. I feel that my accomplishment this year has been to grow my meetup bead group, The Charlotte Area Jewelry Artists ( We are a group of beaders and jewelry artists in Charlotte NC who meet once a month and work together to further our beading techniques and skills. We teach each other utilizing the skills and talents of our generous members and sharing with each other. The Beadlush, a local bead shop, sponsored us this year and gave us a place to meet that was conducive to the beading spirit and surrounded us with beads of every color and shape and form. What a fun place it was in which to meet. We have outgrown the shop this year which has mad my heart sing with the accomplishments of our group. What a joy to see new beaders pick up a technique and run with it using their creativity to come up with their own variations of patterns. I know now why teachers teach. I just hope the group continues its success and our beaders continue to enjoy our meetings. Happy Holidays to you and continued success.

  2. Patricia C Says:

    Patricia, your meetup group sounds great and it certainly is wonderful that you had such a beading conducive place to meet. I truly do think that artists sharing their knowledge helps not only the artists but the whole field of endeavor to grow and evolve. But outgrowing the shop for meetings means that the group is spreading the word about this terrific art form.

    Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog post. I do enjoy hearing how my fellow artists are doing.

    May your holidays be grand and your upcoming year full of abundance.